Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the dial position?

We will broadcast at 97.9 MHz (Channel 250) with an average effective radiated power of 600 watts and peak power at 1,000 watts.

What will be the coverage area?

Our coverage area will serve Greater Vernon including Coldstream. We have secured an agreement with a private tower owner to co-locate our transmitter and antennae on a vacant tower on Vernon Mountain (Vernon Hill). 

Where will studios be located?

We intend to locate in a highly visible location in Vernon’s downtown core. Our studios must be easily accessible to everyone, including handicapped persons.

Will you stream the signal?

Yes, online listening is an important element for all successful broadcasters. Streaming will be enabled for all applications, including mobile.

Do you have a brand?

“97.9 Valley-FM” will be our brand! Derivatives such as “The Valley”, “Valley Voice”, etc may also be used.  Industry Canada has assigned the call letters CFAV-FM.

What will be cost to build?

 We estimate that costs will be $200,000 for equipment, plus leasehold improvements for our offices and studio.

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